WTF is this?

bestofnhDorks in Dungeons is a critically acclaimed fantasy comedy improv show that is now in its third year.  Dorks in Dungeons has toured the country performing its unique long-form improv show based on role playing games.


The show follows the exploits of a fantastical delivery service, The Special Parcel Service, as they try to make their deliveries against all odds (and their own incompetence). The Game Master  guides the action while a band of improvisers play the rotating cast of characters helping or hindering our heroes. Adding to the chaos is the ever present 20 sided die, which determines their success or failure.

Dorks in Dungeons began as a part of a short run of unique shows at the Players Ring, and shortly after was picked up as an ongoing series. For their second season, Dorks was picked up by the Seacoast Repertory Theatre’s Red Light Series. They have also performed at venues and conventions from GenCon in Indianapolis, to HalCon in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to a packed room at Boston ComicCon.


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Improv Comedy meets Fantasy Role Playing Games!